“Lozen” Cuff Bracelet

“Lozen” Cuff Bracelet


Elegant classic v shaped cuff bracelet with a textured surface. The arrow being a traditional symbol in Native American tribes, I named it after a warrior women of an Apache tribe, who had an exceptional gift to intuitively sense the direction of danger. To me, symbolic of the inherent intuitive powers of women that can guide her to a divine life


Size guide:


XS - fits wrist size 5.5-6 inches (14.5-15.5cm)

S - fits wrist size 6-6.5 inches (15.5-17cm)

M - fits wrist size 6.5-7 inches (17-18.5cm)

L - fits wrist size 7-7.5 inches (18.5- 19.5cm)