• Sofia

The Temple Collection

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This is a collection of pieces that developed during a time in my life that was emotionally very challenging. It had been an ongoing struggle for years, where I found myself in emotional turmoil and struggling to continue gathering the strength I need to keep it together. There came a point where my whole being forced me surrender and dive deep into my yoga practice. I began meditating every day and cultivating a practice of inner listening. The years leading up to this were already filled with me trying to find my way to my self and towards the life that I want but when anxiety became a daily thing, I needed to literally practice breathing.

As this practice developed my designs developed with it. The devotion to yoga brought me to embrace to look at Indian temple jewellery and from there to other cultures and their traditional shapes and methods of jewellery making. Somehow the shapes merged in my mind and my own cultural context merged with the designs of ancient cultures.

The shapes and the beaded details are taken from these cultural contexts. The choice of the emerald in one of the pieces happened because of its unique qualities, representing love, intuition and it is meant to be the revealer of truth.

All of this combined with my own cultural setting became Sofia's Connection's Temple Collection.

"My body, my soul, my temple - where truth lies"