The Serpent - Transformation

The introduction to the serpent into the Sofia's Connection jewellery collection was no accident. I've always been intrigued by serpent bangles, rings and thought I'd like to make my own versions. But my designs evolve out of technical skill learning as well as personal, inner processes. This is true of all creative endeavours. Somehow, they mirror our individual journeys, so the Sofia's Connection version of Serpent Jewellery emerged now, in a significant moment of transformation within myself.

The symbol of the serpent is present in many cultures throughout history and always associated in some way with the female. Part of the symbolism is fertility and creation, guardianship, medicine and healing and transformation. If that's not enough the serpent is a symbol for the connection of us to mother earth, like an umbilical cord.

One day, without thinking about it too much, I began to shape the first pendant, from which came the bangle and the rest of the pieces. I had been in a long period of change and transformation. Little did I know that these years were only the beginning. When the creative forces gave birth to the Serpent Collection, is exactly the moment when my transformation was giving birth to a new me. Pain, joy, fear, sadness, power, many things rushing through me, pulling me back and forth.

Then I understood that I don't need to struggle. I need to let go, hold my fears and pain in my heart's embrace and simply travel the path to the unknown. This is the stage of transformation. This is magic in the making.

My tears fall

I wonder aimlessly

I am lost in darkness

Panic ridden

Where is my path?

Where do I go?

Where is the light?

Where is my sight?

The road ahead is dark and empty

It is vast but it is mine

Turmoil and heart ache

But glimpses of joy

My heart weeps

My heart leaps

Do I dare walk towards the dark?

Do I dare to be free?