• Sofia

The Maya Collection

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This collection started by me melting down a pair of gold earrings that I got as a gift. I didn't like the design of them at all and since they were made from 18ct solid gold I figured, I have got to do something with this. I had always wanted a pair of rough gold studs, resembling gold nuggets, such as my mother has. Those need to be casted and I don't do this in my workshop. So the way I could apply an organic interesting surface was to apply my file. I began filing facets on to the studs and they turned out beautifully. I put them between my fingers to take a picture and they immediately resembled an open ring. I had to make the matching ring.

While I was sitting in my workshop, carefully creating the filed facets on to these first pieces, my mind was doing what it always does. Together with processing my thoughts, I go into a sort of dream world, creating stories in conversations in my head. The process I was going through at the time, was about love and relationships. My own marriage falling apart and me questioning what it is I want in a partner, who I was and what it means to have a good relationship, I came to the conclusion that a modern day relationship is not the "2 become 1" sort of situation. It is rather two individuals, with all their qualities and shortcomings, with a deep friendship and soul connection, deciding to share their lives with each other. Support each other and connect on a deep level, while maintaining their individuality and taking responsibility for their individual growth and happiness. And while I was forming these thoughts, I was creating facets on a ring, which suddenly perfectly represented this idea. The Maya ring is a two pointed, faceted ring, connected with a band underneath. This became the ultimate symbol for the two, multi-faceted individuals, coming together in deep friendship and soul connection. Since Maya means love in Bengali and Nepali, and my daughter's name is Maya, this is what the collection simply had to be named.

The various pieces in the collection are then marked by the randomly filed facets, which are unique to every single piece made. They general style is classic elegant with perfectly imperfect shapes, adding that slight twist to timeless pieces.