• Sofia

The Elegant Hippie

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This is the hashtag I came up with that best describes me, in style and in spirit. When I identified this hashtag I initially thought it would be a good hashtag for people who are looking for the style of jewellery that I create and for the brand that I would like to represent. But then it turned out that this hashtag is actually not used much at all and wouldn’t really give me a lot of exposure. But since it really resonates with who I am I kept it as my own and as the phrase that best describes me.

What does it mean? It’s quite simple really. I have been called a hippie, mainly by my teenage niece, who tends to make fun of my tendency to make pretty much anything and everything about the universe, the spirit, the wonders of nature etc. To my post-millennial niece I am a hippie. I too believe I have hippie tendencies in the sense that my core beliefs are peace and love for all and I probably quote John Lennon’s Imagine, a little too often. I practice yoga, believe in the connectedness of all things in the universe, care deeply about nature and the environment, use bamboo tooth brushes, take part in activism where I can, am a bit lazy about brushing my hair and generally try to use as little body care products as possible without compromising personal hygiene (I use soap when I wash and shampoo bars when I must).

Those things combined with an appreciation for luxury fabrics (Inexpensively and sustainably acquired second hand preferably, I should add) and a fascination with the qualities of fine metals in my jewellery making, gave birth to my self proclamation as an elegant hippie. The style manifests itself in my pieces with a, less bling and more “earthy“ and artful, design process.