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New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never really done New Year‘s resolutions properly until 2 years ago. Then I started rather small and made myself a challenge to read at least one book every month, inspired by my cousin, who challenged himself to read a book every week. That is physically impossible for me, being a mum and all. When could I possibly find the time to read a book every week. But a book every month seemed realistic and I mastered the challenge brilliantly, since I love reading and it forced me to do something I love, it wasn’t really a very difficult challenge to master, it simply acted as a useful reminder to put my phone down and read instead.

The following year, as in 2018, my resolution was to finally ditch the meat and try vegetarianism. I had been playing with this idea for a few years already, with short vegetarian and vegan phases, reducing my overall animal product consumption drastically. Appalled by the treatment of fellow living creatures, becoming aware of health benefits and the awareness of the damage meat production does to the environment led me to decide that 2018 will be a vegetarian year for me and see how I feel about that when the year comes to a close. We are about to leave this year behind us and enter 2019 and I can proudly say, I have stuck to the vegetarian resolution, and am continuing down this path, happy and more creative in the kitchen than ever.

Now to think about what the New Year has in store for me. The past year has been a transformation for me, having begun a reeducation process and attempting to go down a creative and more artistic path which hopefully can turn into something I can live off. So the first and most obvious plan is to make my little business profitable. I will continue my book challenges of a book each month at least. In addition I am determined to reduce plastic waste as much as possible and I am in the process of creating a solid plan to ditch more and more products using single use plastic. And lastly, I want to put a great deal of focus to my spiritual and physical development, creating a solid plan of practices to move forward with my yoga and tapping into my spiritual realm further and letting it come to the surface and guide me through everything else. Who knows, maybe I’ll gain some unknown magical powers along the way :).

I didn’t think much of New Year’s resolutions in the past but finding it increasingly useful to think ahead, think about what is important to me, make action plans and be able to reflect more consciously on paths I have chosen and how they have affected my personal development.

Happy and prosperous, is what people often wish one another in the New Year. I wish for it to be meaningful in whatever way this needs to unfold.

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