New Year, New Energy, New Things

My "New Year's Post" is a bit later than your standard one. I started the new year ill in bed, as probably many others did as well. In a way that was quite welcome because I could just relax, take it slow and listen to what my body needed at the time. Don't get me wrong, there were some days that I was suffering and cursing. But in the end the brightest light can only shine after the dark. The only remaining symptom I have after my personal Covid experience is a slight tension in my jaw and a surge of fresh energy. Whether either of them is a post Covid symptom is of course questionable but anyway...

I've moved to a new place out in the country side, got my girls settled into a new routine, am setting up my new work space and have other amazing new projects lined up that go beyond my usual work as a jewellery designer and maker.

My mind is exploding with fresh design ideas and my entire body is bursting with a lust for life like it hasn't done in a long time. Or ever...I'm not sure I've ever felt so driven. I don't know if it is my age or stage in life or both. It seems that the older I get, the more in touch with myself I am. From what I gather that seems to be a common development in womanhood. I am in the "mother" stage of my womanhood if we use the three categories "Maiden", "Mother" and "Crone". I happen to be a mother to two beautiful girls but the stage of the "mother" is simply the one where we are birthing things. Children, businesses, ideas or any other sort of creation. And this is exactly what I am feeling right now. I have birthed my human children. They are now out of baby and toddler ages and my birthing process has now moved on to other things.

Sofia's Connection is my the creation of my creative spirit and here I can now give everything I have. Behold you wonderful people, you'll be seeing many of my new offerings soon!