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Getting inspired -being yourself - living your talent

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Getting inspired -being yourself - living your talent47

Many of us find ourselves in random jobs which pay the bills but don’t necessarily make us happy. We work to make money and look forward to the weekends. 80% of our lives we are doing things that have nothing to do with our true talents. Many of us don’t even know what these talents are and if we are spending so much of our time making money, we are never given the chance to figure out what we, as individuals, are about. While this sounds like a first world problem, I am convinced that human beings being allowed to nourish their true potential, benefits everybody and the development of humanity as a whole. And all of this starts with the irrelevant, outdated school systems we are all put through. We are basically educated to believe that our talents don’t matter to the extent that we forget what they are by the time we are adults. The result of which is, that our generation of young adults is in search of our “lost” talents.

In ancient tribes each member of society had his/her role based on the individual’s talents and the community was able to support this. Today we no longer live by this principle. We are all made part of an industry, each just small links of a production line, our individual selves completely crushed, only to serve to make people spend more money in order to make more money for the ones who already have plenty. Where does this system leave our happiness. Neither the links in the production line, nor the ones getting richer from it, are truly happy and fulfilled.

This morning as I sat by the window, staring outside into the grey-green surroundings of this English scenery, I thought about this. I thought about how I can continuously apply myself in this world. I want to be happy, fulfilled, authentic....and be able to make a living with it. Who doesn’t? I have something to give, I am convinced of it, but what is it? So I’m staring out of the window, and the slight headache I have is making me drowsy. For a moment my mind goes blank and I surrender my thoughts into a state of just “being”. I just want to feel myself and who I am. In that very moment, a beautiful, colourful feather floats slowly past my window. It created a mystical, fairy tale like moment, in the midst of the mundane setting of a grey English morning, which made my heart leap and my eyes sparkle. it was like being awarded for spending a split second allowing myself to feel myself and bring my true nature to the surface. And here I am, writing this blog post...continuing the process of finding my talents, continuing the journey...of life!

Don‘t just make a living, live your life!