Dry Brushing - The Ultimate Self Love

We truly underestimate the power of self-love in my opinion. I certainly do. I increasingly realise that, despite my intellect knowing my worth and greatness, the rest of me isn't convinced at all. I have so many voices in my head questioning myself ALL-THE-TIME. If you take some time to observe your mind it's actually pretty shocking.

And so to honour my body and mind, I take time to give it a bit of a cuddle now and then. I am not ashamed to say it: My body is freakishly awesome. I gave birth to two babies. That's all I really have to say to get that badge. It's done more than that for me of course, but that was clearly the highlight and when I woke up to that fact.

I am 38 years old and have tried many beauty products and treatments over the years. I can say that most things don't work. Nothing does what it promises in the long-term. Sure some things can support our skin topically but the truth is, there are no quick fixes and we simply have to look after our bodies from the inside for the most part. If we're healthy within, it shows with-out. Our body is a miraculous machine that will produce everything it needs to be healthy.

But we can help it along. And this is where dry brushing, or body brushing, comes in. I discovered this marvelous practice only a year ago. It's not a new technique and has actually been used for centuries to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Here's 5 benefits of dry brushing that, I believe will make a body brush be the next item that you'll be adding to your bathroom.

Stimulates the blood circulation

It makes your skin glow and boosts sebum production. Sebum is the body's very own natural moisturiser. That's right, we have our own built-in moisturiser!

Aids with lymphatic drainage

Blood carries lymph fluids, which filters through the lymph nodes. Dry brushing speeds up the rate of blood pumping, helping the lymph through the body. This means that toxins and pathogens are removed faster.

Exfoliates and cleanses

Dry brushing gently removes dead skin cells and gets rid of unwanted dirt and oil that accumulates throughout the day. It then also absorbes any products you may want to use much better.

Plumps up the skin

There has been some indication that dry brushing helps with cellulite as the increased blood circulation has a plumping effect on the skin.

I have been dry brushing for over a year now, and it has become one of my favourite beauty routines of all. It's not even simply a beauty routine. I find that focusing on each body part with such intensity, truly makes me love it in its entirety. By the end of each session, my skin is all tingly as I feel it being nourished from the inside. It feels incredible.

If you feel inclined to give it a go, make sure you get a high quality brush with hard, natural bristles. I got mine from a lovely German company called "Haarweisheiten", but any brush of similar quality will do. Enjoy!