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Creative process - an individual perspective

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

What really drove me to write about my creative process is that I so often read about crafts people making their pieces “with love”. It got me thinking the other day when I found myself in my studio making a pair of earrings and noticed that what I was feeling, in the moment I sat down to do my work, was not love. I was frustrated, angry and sad. I had been taken out of my post morning yoga calm, due to an argument. A fairly common situation we all find ourselves in ever so often. Nothing out of the ordinary or terribly spectacular. A good old argument with a loved one, that left me fuming.

So as I began my work I soon got irritated because I so want to be making each piece of jewellery “with love” and put all the good energies I have to offer in them. So I stopped to think. And I soon realised that it is not the love that I bring with me into my work, but the love that comes from my work that is the true magic. Let’s face it, we are humans that cannot always feel happy and floating on a cloud like untouchable angels. We struggle with whatever life throws at us and it is how we cope and what we get out of it, which can help us rise to be a nobler human.

So what my work is, is a creation of all emotions that I live. It is the work of but one human, that with each piece gives you part of his or her soul. And the work process and finished pieces give me peace, love, satisfaction and realisations. ✌🏼

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