• Sofia

A symbiosis of human and jewellery

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We all know the feeling we have when we get something new. It is exciting and almost satisfies a sense of longing. It is also soothing to some level, hence the term retail therapy. For some getting new things satisfies an addiction and will calm a frustration or even levels of anxiety. No matter what the feeling, they are all responses to the power of material. This is true for anything and so also for Jewellery of course. Jewellery, however, has further special powers. It sparkles, it shines, it makes us beautiful, it is valuable, perhaps we think it makes us more valuable.

At this point I’d like to say something I truly believe. No object should ever have such a hold on ourselves that we feel better about ourselves if we own it or wear it. The same counts for jewellery. Yes, I make and sell them so perhaps this isn’t the best advertisement, but you do not need fancy jewellery to be more valuable or beautiful. In fact, I think a piece of jewellery is only as beautiful as the person who wears it. A simple stud is nothing on its own, whether made from gold or brass. But worn by a beautiful soul, will shine and become visible. Even a diamond will not be as beautiful as it is when reflecting the sparkle of someone’s eyes..After all, a diamond doesn’t shine, it reflects light!

Having said that there is something to be said of the power of earth’s raw materials. Metals have incredible properties as do gemstones, which are used for healing purposes and are believed to influence our mood, nervous system, emotions etc...and after all, we use the raw materials of Mother Nature to create the jewellery that adorns our natural bodies. You could say then, that we are entering a sort of symbiosis with the jewellery we wear in which we make one another shine!

Like with everything in life, we should only beware that we are the masters of all natural forces and not the other way around. Don’t let materials control you but don’t be afraid to be the master and use them to their fullest potential.