Sofia's Connection was born out of a need for creative expression and return to a life connected to true feminine nature. This, in my opinion, includes a connection to the natural world, which we are an intrinsic part of. 

In this spirit the protection of the natural world is a vital aspect of the brand and so we use only recycled precious metals. Recycled Sterling Silver and solid gold are the main materials. Luckily the reuse of precious metals has been a practice for a long time and since awareness for the damages that gold and silver mining is growing, the big suppliers are providing the options for eco gold and silver. It is therefore no longer very difficult to make the sustainable choices in this regard.


When it comes to the use of diamonds, I have an excellent supplier for lab grown diamonds in Antwerp. They provide high quality graded stones that are identical to natural stones. As we know the diamond trade is a nasty one and the devastating effects of diamond mining cannot be ignored. There are a lot of suppliers for lab grown diamonds coming out of Asia at the moment, but I choose a slightly higher price, for something a little closer to home, for reasons of fair business practices and for lesser carbon emissions in the delivery process. 


When other gems are chosen, I make sure to know where they come from and that they are fair trade through and through.  If I cannot source a specific stone in that way, I will opt for others. I strongly believe in a sustainable life and this includes using what is available to us at the right time and sometimes having to make sacrifices in our consumerism in order to maintain a balanced life on this earth.