I'm a global citizen with a diverse cultural background. Peace, love and respect for all people, animals and our planet is what I live by. My passion is creating beautiful, ethical jewellery inspired by life's processes and all the fibres of my being. The designs are classic, elegant but can be inspired by shapes and colours from various cultures around the globe. I care deeply about the natural world and see it as my responsibility to protect it. Therefore I use only recycled materials and those that have a minimum impact on the environment and its inhabitants. 

I'm a mother of two girls and a woman on a journey to discovering her wild woman nature. Part of this is discovering the natural flow of creativity for which I use my jewellery design as the main outlet, although, music, dance and my entire motherhood are an expression of this. 

In line with my own theme, I am convinced that as women, we have powers that go beyond what is seen, that we have a potential to uncover and have an amazing impact on this world. So part of what I do is to empower all women to live the lives they want to, embody their individual beautiful selves and find a life that is authentic to their individual true nature.

Much Love,