The Shop features all pieces that are ready made and part of the existing collection. But if you wish to have a piece made that is, either currently not in stock or a variation of a collection piece, you can have it custom made. 

Silver or Gold?

When it comes to fine jewellery you want to make sure that it is just right. You may love one of the designs but would like it in a different alloy. All pieces can be made in sterling silver, yellow-, white- and rose gold. 


We can discuss any gemstone of your choice. If you have a specific idea then I will try and source the perfect stone for you. When it comes to diamonds I will always prefer the more sustainable option of lab grown diamonds but if you prefer natural diamonds, then I will opt for a fair trade option. The same goes for any other precious or semi precious stone. All pieces at Sofia's Connection are made with fair trade or lab grown gems. 

Custom Designs

I always love creating things together with my clients, and if you have a specific idea that you'd love to incorporate, then I am happy to design a whole new piece in your honour, in line with the Sofia's Connection style and ethos. 

Please get in touch at and we will create the perfect piece for you!