I'm a global citizen with a diverse cultural background. Peace, love and respect for all people, animals and our planet is what I live by. 

In my young life I was always drawn to the creative arts. I played instruments for many years, was part of the Vienna youth orchestra, I made jewellery from macrame and beads and sold them at little markets in the town I grew up in. I considered applying for a prestigious fashion school at the age of 15. But somewhere along the line I was not guided to pursue the arts. I believed that I needed to pursue a more academic route. This is how I ended up with two humanities degrees. 


Unfulfilled and lacking passion for my field of study, coupled with challenging personal processes, I decided to rediscover who I was and where my natural passions lie. That is how I ended up retraining as a Silver/Goldsmith and how the journey continues in creating the brand that is Sofia's Connection. 

The designer and creator of Sofia's Connection jewellery and content
Lotus Flower as a symbol for the potential of our spirit to blossom in its image


My wish was always to, in some way or another, be a force of peace in the world. As such, my vision is that each person can live according to their natural intuition, be given a place and purpose and therefore support humanity in a process of finding peace. Ultimately it is to help restore the natural balance of all things, by humans taking their proper place within it (An ambitious vision, I know! But envision the impossible and you're one step closer!)


With Sofia's Connection, I am on a journey to inspire self-reflection, mindful living and sustainability, all the while offering jewellery creations of a life led by these examples.  


The inspiration for my work can come from anywhere. I can have a sudden burst of ideas while taking a long walk in nature or seeing an interesting pattern on a stone wall. The interaction and conversation with my children, or indeed any person, can lead me down a path of creation. The fascinating behaviour of an animal or plant and also the painful and ugly truths of life, can reveal themselves to be triggers for something new. 

Most of all, it is my yoga practice and the mindful approach to each thought and action that brings about the best that I have to offer this world. 

A symbol for a mindful life, connection to the natural instincts and the balance of all things in the universe

"To re-establish contact with our body is to be in contact with nature, and so to come in contact with the cosmos. Balance is restored."
- Vanda Scaravelli