I'm a global citizen with a diverse cultural background. Peace, love and respect for all living things is what I strive to live by. 

I have a Masters Degree in Diplomacy but didn't end up pursuing a career in the field. I initially thought I could be a force for peace in the world but the more I learned, the more I realised that diplomatic work had little to do with the idealism I had in mind. 


Disillusioned I went on a quest to rediscover who I was and where my natural passions lie. I returned to the creative arts and learned the craft of Silver/Goldsmithing. 

The romantic and idealist in me lived on, however. And with her, the desire to promote humanitarian and environmental causes, in any capacity I may have. 

The designer and creator of Sofia's Connection jewellery and content
Lotus Flower as a symbol for the potential of our spirit to blossom in its image


My creative work is inspired by the journey of a life led by intuition. I firmly believe that by training to quieten the mind, we can hear our spirit sing. This unique song inside each of us is what shows us who we are. When we follow our tune (our intuition) then we are inevitably able to create beautiful things.


Therefore, on the outside, anything can inspire me: A long walk in nature, seeing an interesting pattern on a stone wall, the interaction with my children, or indeed any person, as well as the beautiful and ugly truths of life, can reveal themselves to be triggers for something new. If in that very moment I am tuned in, a new idea will be born.


My desire to be a force of peace in the world never left me. After years of practicing yoga, I experienced many unexpected benefits. The growing sense of peace inside of me, resonates into every part of my life. I notice subtle changes within relationship dynamics. I notice my mind producing creative ideas and feel my inner life coming alive in a way that directs my every move towards a more fulfilling life. I realised that peace can only be achieved by changing the way we exist as individuals. "Peace starts within each one of us", as the Dalai Lama famously said.    


As such, my vision is that each person can live according to their natural intuition, be given a place and purpose and therefore support humanity in a process of finding peace. Envision the impossible and you're one step closer!


A symbol for a mindful life, connection to the natural instincts and the balance of all things in the universe

"To re-establish contact with our body is to be in contact with nature, and so to come in contact with the cosmos. Balance is restored."
- Vanda Scaravelli